Edmonton Newborn Photography Studio

Edmonton Newborn Photography Studio

Your newborn is constantly growing, and capturing this moment now before it’s gone is essential.

What to expect from a Pinkstar Edmonton Newborn Photography Studio session.

We are located at 3217-97st 2nd floor, just behind the Kal tire.  There is a wall of props to choose from and my office is filled with outfits, and more props galore.  I provide a quiet, gently lit area for the parents to relax and watch the session from.  There is a washroom and little area for siblings to hangout till we are ready for them.

I start off with some work on the bean bag, where I will have 3-5 sets chosen and about a dozen outfits to choose from.

We then move to baskets, box and prop work.  Feel free to bring something fun and important to you.  Wear a uniform? Bring it!  Nothing is cuter than photographing a newborn in dad’s RCMP uniform!

We now move on to mom and  dad.  Sometimes gram is visiting from afar, she’s welcome too!  We shoot each parent with baby and both with baby.

Then comes sibling shots, here we can get some cute shots depending on age and comfort levels of everyone.  Then the whole family!

 Newborn Photography Edmonton | Pinkstar

 Newborn Photography Edmonton | Pinkstar  Newborn Photography Edmonton | Pinkstar

Below, I have enclosed the information pertaining to a newborn session at our studio. It is my hope that you will find this information helpful as you prepare for our session together. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

  • Please feed your baby before you arrive so that he or she has a full tummy. Also, if you’d like shots of your baby undressed, please undress him/her and loosen diaper, then wrap your baby in a blanket, and feed him/her. Weather permitting, of course. Otherwise, your baby may get upset at being undressed when they were so cozy. I do like to photograph a newborn mostly in little to no clothes, but feel free to bring an outfit that you may want him or her in. Please note that many clothing changes may make your little one upset, so it is best to do birthday suit shots and possibly one outfit.

  • I often use the parents as backdrops for baby, so please wear a black top and black pants (if possible). Also, an extra set of clothes for the parents is a good idea, just in case. Mom and dad are welcome to join for pictures with baby at no extra charge.

  • Please know that there is no rush with a newborn session. I like to give special attention to each client, especially newborn sessions. Please know that I do not mind waiting for you to nurse or change baby, or taking a break to soothe your baby.

  • When doing the poses where the baby is undressed, it is normal (and okay!) for him or her to “relieve” him or herself on my backdrop … or anywhere else. I can assure you this happens all the time and I am not upset or offended. Please bring with you baby wipes, extra diapers and a towel. After each newborn session I am sure to launder all of my backdrops and other items the baby comes in contact with. This is included in the session fee for a newborn session.

  • Playing soft music can help bring a peaceful environment; therefore, I have a collection at the studio of music to play during your session. You are more than welcome to bring a CD of your own.

  • Please only bring those who are to be photographed to the studio. Also, cameras and other recording devices are not permitted.

  • Please bring something for the older children to do while they are not being photographed. Crayons, mini board games, and books are good choices.

  • Lastly, please bring a list of “must haves” images (close-ups with feet and hands, with someone, etc.)

  • I keep a full collection of props and hat’s, blanket’s and outfit’s etc  I buy new stock way too often, and love offering nothing but handmade quality items.  All made from Stay at home parent’s and grandparent’s!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me .

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